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Domain Bovy is a 34-acre park with ponds, woods and meadows. Around the swamp pond there is a varied nature reserve. Domain Bovy is located in De Wijers, a unique area in Flanders with more than 1,000 ponds, together accounting for about 700 hectares of water and reeds. That's 1,400 soccer fields! It is home to many rare animal and plant species. Giving opportunities Bovy stands for delicious, pure and honest food. We believe in short chain, in local and small-scale production, in authentic and honest products and in knowing what you are eating. Bistro Bovy is not only honest food but also a means to much more than just tasty and healthy food. Everything we do, we do with special attention and framing for our employees. Growing them is our greatest realization. Short chain On the menu you will find honest and tasty products according to the principle of the short chain. The greens come from our own organic garden, the meat from our organically raised animals, and our suppliers are local farmers. Food grown and prepared with love and craftsmanship, from seed to your plate.
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