Tablebooker "Support our restaurants"
What is “Support our restaurants” from Resto.be?
Restaurants are having a hard time and can use your support well. On Resto.be you can now support any restaurant by clicking on the “Support this restaurant” button. So you can immediately buy a gift voucher or let them know that you would like to do so.
What if the restaurant does not yet work with online gift certificates on Resto.be?
Is the restaurant not yet working with our gift certificates? No problem because thanks to your “support this restaurant” message we activate it completely free of charge for your favorite restaurant so that every euro you want to support ends up at your favorite restaurant.
Is the full amount of the receipt transferred to the restaurant?
Yes, Resto.be takes care of the transaction costs and the processing costs during the Corona Lockdown
When can I use my gift voucher?
You can use your receipt as soon as the restaurant is open again.
What if the restaurant remains closed?
Resto.be brings you and restaurants only in contact with each other. The restaurant is the issuer of the gift voucher. In this case, you must address your request for a refund to the restaurant.
Your MyResto profile
With a MyResto profile you can create and manage your lists (favorites, Wish List, Been There ...), we are able to prefill your online booking form for you and you can manage your reservations. Connection and registration are made easy with our Facebook connect. At any time you can disconnect your Facebook acount from your MyResto account or desactivate your account.
Your reservation
With Resto.be you can book more than 2000 restaurants online using our Tablebooker reservation technology. This means that you can immediately see whether there are tables available and you also get instant email confirmation of your booking and optionally by text message. Calling or mailing the restaurant to book is no longer necessary. You can modify the reservation through the link in the confirmation email, add it to your calendar, invite friends and get the directions to the restaurant.
Tablebooker lists almost 400,000 reviews. As from November 2016 you can only write a review about a restaurant if you have booked online through our website or if you have booked the restaurant through it's website using Tablebooker technology. You will receive the day after your restaurant visit an email from us explaining how to write your review. Your review is always sent to the restaurant. Only if you agree on publication it is published on Resto.be. Resto.be publishes your reviews but you remain as the author responsible for it's content.
Resto Top 10
We want to be as objective and transparent as possible when creating a Top 10 per city. For the calculation of the Top 10, we consider 1: the number of visits on the page of the restaurant the last 30 days 2: the average note received by the restaurant and 3: the number of online reservations for the restaurant through the Table Booker reservation technology during the last 30 days. We give to each parameter equal importance.
Every day restaurants are having promotions for our users: to fill last minute table or as additional advertising support. Promotions can only be booked online. Specific conditions and restrictions may apply.
Most booked
The section most booked restaurants is created by measuring how often the restaurant has been booked the last 30 days with our Tablebooker technology.
Label Platinum member
This label applies to restaurants that opted for the Platinum package on Resto.be. Whenever the restaurant meets your search criteria - it will published on top of the results page. The label itself does not say anyting about our / your appreciation of the restaurant.
I have a question (commercial, technical, general) for Resto.be , who can I contact?
At the top of the home page of Resto.be you’ll find the button "contact". Please select which department you would like to contact and send us your Email. We will contact you as soon as possible.
What means the date of a review?
The date states when the customer who wrote this review visited the restaurant. If this date is not known, it is "unknown".