Leopoldlaan 7 9900 EEKLO
12 Gault&Millau
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With their restaurant Boerlare 14, Kim and Elien have both shown what they can do. Kim, the strong man in the kitchen, guarantees excellent quality on your plate at an attractive price. Elien gives guests a warm and friendly welcome. Together they offer the quality label they have worked hard for in recent years. With the restaurant Laan 7, Kim and Elien want to offer authenticity and an even better dining experience. In Laan 7, Kim and Elien serve French-Belgian dishes. They continue to surprise with their contemporary culinary accents but also with their attention to every detail. Chef Kim Rutsaert studied at the hotel school Spermalie in Bruges. He worked for ten years in the famous restaurant Zoetendale, then Boelare 14 and now Laan 7. Kim likes to set the bar high for himself and to try out elegant combinations of fresh vegetables with meat and fish and delicious sauces.
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