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Top price/quality meat dishes in a pleasant atmosphere bistro. Dishes from Meat&Eat; are of French-Belgian gastronomy in a very cosy and accessible framework. The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful historic neighborhoods in the heart of Antwerp. Meat&Eat;'s roots date back Anno 1976, when it was runned by the father of managers Mo and Omar. With Meat & Eat they want to continue the work of their father. The butchery is replaced by a meat bistro, where guests are spoiled with all kinds of delicious meat dishes of the highest quality. On Thursday you can Eat right for a real & with Meat "Steak night". For only euro 21.50 we serve a Rhumsteak (per 2 p ± 1.5 lbs), side dishes and sauces. The bottle of red wine is included!
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