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The Zwart Huis monument in Bruges was built in 1482 and bears the name "De Pensée". This laatgotische building was in fact a meeting place for the inhabitants of the city of Bruges. At 19 meters high, this historic house is one of the most indecent places in Bruges. The level was higher, with rounded corners, and it now sits in the middle, next to a drop-shaped top. The bedrooms have a large bathroom, a glass in the blood and a glass in the water with drops of water coming out of it. In the monumental hall of Bistro Zwart Huis, you'll find a variety of remarkable interior details, including a magnificent wood carving in the middle of one of the authentic schouwen. Let yourself be seduced, too, by the Tudorboogpoort area, with its natural ambience enhanced by hogels and kruisbloem.
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