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Some address me as Clement, but still not.... I am Michael Van Eeckhoorn, grandson of Clement. I love spending time in the kitchen, so my love for cooking is something I grew up with. From childhood, I would stand at my grandmother's stove, poking around in her pots. The culinary has never left me, you can safely call me a hobby cook with a passion for good food. For some time I dreamed of taking the step to become self-employed. What exactly I wanted to do varied from time to time, but it was the gastronomic aspect that stuck in my mind the most. Until the day I was surprised by new flavors of beautiful southern products, this inspired me to take a similar path. It was clear then, this is what I wanted to do. To offer something that guarantees quality, conviviality and something different from the usual.... Because my grandparents are very close to my heart and I sadly lost my grandfather in 2020, I wanted to name my business "Clement" in his honor.
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