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Maison d'Istrie is much more than just a B&B, restaurant and wine bar. Our wish is to transfer love for Istrian Mediterranean gastronomy to Belgians and beyond. It's a concept which offers a truly unique experience of a new taste in town. Project developed in Belgium, by Croatians whose wish is to share their love for Istrian Mediterranean gastronomy. Istrian Cuisine is a product of the Istrian history and is part of Istrian cultural heritage. The richness of the Istrian cuisine is considerably vast. It's a centuries old sedimentation of different cultures and it has characteristics of: Italian cuisine (particularly from Rome and Venice), Mediterranean cuisine, Slavic cuisine and also the Austro Hungarian – Central European cuisine. All this different cultures have mixed over the centuries in Istria and created a perfect gastronomical treat. Istrian cuisine is based on genuine ingredients such as aromatic Mediterranean spices, olive oil, truffles, shellfish and meat.
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